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Paver Sanding and Sealing

Paver patios, although beautiful, are one of the toughest hardscapes to maintain. Ants, weeds, moss, mildew, rust, grease, and efflorescence are all common issues that are inevitable over time. 

H2Eco Pressure Washers is the standard for cleaning paver patios and hardscapes. Their knowledge in what chemicals to use to clean is only surpassed by their familiarity and expertise with what products to use to properly fill the joints and protect the surface. If tedious and reliable is your type of company, give us a call.

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Rochester weather does a number on hardscapes. Weeds, moss, insects, and ground shifts from weather changes make patios and walkways difficult to maintain.

"Don't Laugh"

This is our typical warning before we show up to property to see a customer’s patio or walkway. Regardless of the condition, we have to do the same processes and they are all guaranteed to cover us from head to toe in mud.

Whether your walkway has one weed poking out, or if you can barely see the pavers through the growth there are options that can best suit your needs and budget.

"You Are VERY Good at Your Job"

We are humble but confident in the work we do. Restoring a patio that was considered too far gone or worth replacing is a welcomed challenge for us.

The patio surface is first washed, which is then followed by clearing the joints of weeds and old sand. Once dried, we return to installed industry leading polymeric sand. The patio is then sealed with a top of the line sealant that will stabilize the polymeric sand and help to slow and prevent organic growth.

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