H2Eco Pressure Washers

Graffiti Removal

Rochester is Known for Art and Our City is Covered In It. 

Thanks but no thanks..

Illegal Tagging On Businesses and Personal Property Can Be a Major Headache. Unfortunately, not all graffiti is a beautiful mural. In most cases, it’s inappropriate or hateful and it needs to be removed immendiately.

The Process

We Can Help With Graffiti Removal in Minutes Using Cutting Edge Chemicals and Water Pressure.
Graffiti, depending how long it has been engrained in the pores of the surface can be extremely difficult to remove. 
The chemicals we use are proven to, at the very least, make the graffiti unnoticeable but in most cases it can completely pull all of the paint from the surface. 
In rare circumstances, paint may need to be applied to blend over cover stubborn areas.

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