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Deck and Fence Staining

Deck Staining , Porches, and Fences. No more trying to find multiple companies to pressure wash and stain, we do it all!

If you have a brand new deck/fence and you are looking for a company that knows how to properly wash, you’ve come to the right place.  We gently wash then brighten the wood to make it ready for stain. New wood is always stained with a high quality penetrating oil based stain from Nashville that meets all New York State requirements. 


If you have an older deck/fence that already has a solid coating and you’d like to add a few more years onto your aging deck or fence, we can handle that as well! We wash, sand the rough and chipped areas, then apply a solid coating. 

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New or Old Deck or Fence?

Washing and staining wood is one of the more difficult and time consuming tasks that a homeowner can take on. When done incorrectly it can ruin the wood and become a nightmare. New decks and fences provide just as many challenges, if not more, than older decks and fences. New wood should be washed with care to avoid furring, gouging, and splintering. Old wood that has been stained needs to be examined to see which is the most cost efficient way to move forward.

What Sets us Apart?

The wood washing processes, the chemical treatments, and the ph balancing of the wood is what sets every fence or deck up for a great stain job. Each deck and fence is different but with the experience gained from years of staining, the professionals at H2Eco know which stain will work best for each job. Save yourself the time and headache, and contact us today!

Vinyl Fences and Composite Deck Washing

Vinyl fences and composite decks get dirty too! Whether you have the new or old version of composite decking, we can get it cleaned up and ready for Spring, Summer, and Fall festivities. Don’t let a little dirt and algae be the reason you don’t use your deck! 

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